Rector Seal Tru-Blu - 8oz Can


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  • Fast drying, flexible set designed for high vibration environments. Teflon has been added to enhance thread lubrication during assembly and break out. Conforms to TT-S-1732.
  • Recommended procedure for sealing pipe threads: We DO NOT recommend using pipe tape. Pipe tape enlarges the outside diameter of the male thread and may cause the female thread to split. We recommend using a pipe thread sealant. Use on clean tapered threads. Apply a thick even coat on male threads using brush applicator. For pipe diameters smaller than 1-1/4 in. apply to male threads only. For 1-1/4 in. and larger sizes apply to both male and female threads. Avoid applying excessive amounts. Hand tighten joints and then torque another 1/2 to 3/4 turn until threads seal.


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