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Banjo fittings and valves are specialized in the injection molding of glass reinforced polypropylene. Banjo has an excellent reputation for high quality in the fitting and valve industry. They specialize in PP Cam & Groove fittings(Quick disconnects) in sizes from 1/2" - 4", hose barb fittings, Polypropylene Schedule 80 threaded fittings, bulkhead fittings, tank accessories, ball valves (4 and 6 bolt design, full & standard ports, ANSI, stubby & 3-way, etc.) in sizes 1/2" - 3", nozzle valves in sizes 1" - 2", "T" and "Y" Line strainers in sizes 1/2" - 3" and Polypropylene or 316SS "Dry Mate" Dry Disconnect type ball valves along with other unique products. We also offer 316SS bulkhead fittings, ball valves and stainless steel Cam & Groove fittings.

Banjo black PP fittings and valves are chemical and corrosion resistant, rigid, lightweight and impact resistant. Banjo products are stress cracking resistant and have low moisture absorption.

All Banjo fittings and valves are manufactured to the highest quality standards with the most innovative designs available.

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