Blk PP CAM Lever Couplings

Banjo Cam and Groove Fittings

Banjo black PP fittings and valves are chemical and corrosion resistant, rigid, lightweight and impact resistant. Banjo products are stress cracking resistant and have low moisture absorption.

All Banjo fittings and valves are manufactured to the highest quality standards with the most innovative designs available.

  • Part A: Male Adapter - Female Thread
  • Part B: Female Coupler-Male Thread
  • Part C: Female Coupler-Hose Shank
  • Part D: Female Coupler-Female Thread
  • Part E: Male Adapter-Hose Shank
  • Part F: Male Adapter-Male Thread
  • PL: Plug for Female Coupler
  • CAP: Cap for Male Adapter
  • CAPSH: Cap with Short Handle
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