Catalog Page: 76
Price: $31.55
Item Number: 300FF
Manufacturer: Banjo
Manufacturer Part#: 300FF
Specs and Drawings Not Available

* PP with glass filled fiberglass for strength and durability.
* Interchangeable with all types of cam lever couplers.
* SS rings, cam levers, and pins will not rust or bend.
* Standard gaskets are EPDM with 304 SS handles.
* Buna N and FKM seals also available.

Note: 1/2 couplings interchange with 3/4 couplings. Banjo 1-1/4 Couplers & Adapters will interchange with 1 Couplings. Only the Threads and Barbs are 1-1/4. 1-1/2 x 1-1/4 couplings interchange with 1-1/2 size couplings. Coupling and Adapter ends are 1-1/2 size. Only the threads and barbs are 1-1/4. *3C (303C) & All 4 Couplings have 3 arms for positive seal!

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