2" Poly Pump w/5.0 HP Three Phase Electric Motor w/ EPDM Elastomers

Price: $1,526.37
Item Number: 234PPE5
Manufacturer: Banjo
Manufacturer Part#: 234PPE5
Catalog Page: 102
Spec Sheet: PDF
CAD Drawing(s): STP
Call for Shipping Quote: 888-941-3030
Precision molded construction.
Corrosion resistant.
Superior design.
Low maintenance.

Maximum Motor Protection!
  We have designed the new Banjo poly pump to protect the motor seal in the event of pump seal failure.  We have separated the pump from the motor by 1" spacer and
  installed a special slinger/shaft seal that completely protects the engine for any corrosive fluids.  This new slinger design is the best in the poly pump industry at protecting
  your motor.

CAUTION-WARNING:  Please do not run pump dry, restrict or reduce port sizes, or dead head pump.  This could cause component failure to pump.


12756 - 56C Frame Adapter Kit

The 12756 spacer kit includes the poly adapter, adapter shaft, and related hardware to attach a Banjo Poly Pump to a 56C frame electric motor.

NOTE:  Advanced installation techniques, and pump shimming required with this kit.
Banjo 2
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